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What is Asilpack Shrink Wrapper Machine?

Asilpack shrink machine is a tool of the packaging method applied in order to make the products removed from the factory more protected. The products shrink flexible and special plastic films on both sides or all around them with the effect of heat, thus protecting and keeping the products together.

How does the packaging process take place?

The products to be packaged with the shrink packaging method are delivered to the packaging machine with automatic conveyors or by hand. The products are placed in double-layer films with the help of hand or automatically. Then the film is cut from three sides and there is a bagging around the product.

After the bagging process, the product passes to the shrink machine. Shrink film takes the shape of the product. Thanks to this, it becomes fully sheltered. An example video can be seen below.

What are the Advantages of Shrink Machine?

  • It allows to keep the products together.
  • It is possible to place information such as informative instructions, usage date etc. on the barcode.
  • It allows to integrate two or more smaller packages into a single package.
  • It reduces the relation of the product with the external environment and protects it against external factors, dusting and deterioration.
  • The product is protected during shipping and is not damaged.
  • The product becomes transparent, smooth and shiny.
  • It reports that it is the first to reach the consumer.
  • It provides protection of products by rodents and pests.
  • It is ensured that the paper products such as magazines are delivered to the user or the customer in a sound, quality and clean manner.

Which Products Can We Pack With Asilpack Shrink Wrapper Machine?

You can pack all kinds of products with the shrink machine. If it is necessary to give an example; ice cream, egg, chocolate, puzzle etc. products.

You can pack any product you can think of successfully.

We would like to share some images for you.

Asilpack Machine Features

Machine Dimensions : 3700mm × 980mn × 1570mm
Minimum Product Dimensions : 90mm x 90mm
Maximum Product Dimensions : 450mm x 320mm
Maximum Shrink Speed : Maximum 1700 pieces per hour
Maximum Product Height : 150mm
Electricity to be used : 16 KW 3-phase
Tong Height : 780mm
Net Machine Weight : 700kg

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